St. Peter Explains the Wedding at Cana

Cana? Sure I remember that

It was two-three days after the Lord call Andy and me, Bart and Nate, Jim and John

This guy, Moses, got married

The Lord and his knew him and the Lord liked him

He said “This will be my last time I’ll have a chance to relax; let’s go!”

So we went

Well, it was a big wedding; Moses had money, which none of us did

But Moses and the Lord had grown up together and his mother and Mary, our Lady, were close, real close

So there we were, us guys and the Master, just eating, talking and laughing

The Lord was telling stories, some of which became parables later on

But they were jokes then and we were laughing and the Lord was too

He was a relaxed as we ever saw Him

But our Lady came up and said: “They have no more wine, son”

He looked at her and said: “Don’t bother me; my hour has not yet come”

John says He said: “Woman, how does this concern me?”

But Andy and I heard “Don’t bother me”

You know what she did? She turned to a servant and said:

“Do whatever He tells you”

Now, you have to understand Mary, his mother, always knew He could do anything and

She knew how He loved Moses and He knew she knew so He got up

John and I got up too and followed Him

We went in a small room where there were six big containers for water

He told four servants to fill them up

That took awhile but they did it

Then He said: “Draw some out and take it to the head servant”

We all followed and Mary found us and came too

This fat gut took a taste and called Moses over and told him:

“Most guys serve the good stuff first; then they serve cheap stuff after most are a bit tipsy

But you have the best for last and this nitwit said we were out!”

Moses raised his eyebrows at Jesus

Jesus gave him a wink

He turned to his mom and said: “Anything else, Mother?”

She said: “That will do, Son, that will do”

John and I whispered to the guys what had happened

Nate said: “Who is He?”John said: “I don’t know but I believe in Him”

We all nodded; things were never the same after that day


McKinley’s Hairline

McKinley’s Hairline

McKinley’s Hairline

McKinley David Hammond, my newborn great-nephew,

Has my hairline, a widow’s peak

I got it from Grandpa Wm. McKinley Rundle

His hair was straight, thin,

The color of Christmas Eve snow

His old man’s voice was deep

He was tall and slender

I have his waistline too

When his sons were teens,

He got drunk and was going to shoot my uncle

Dad, who never struck us, kept McKinley from his gun

And saved Ralph’s life

Dad told many tales

But not that one

Dad had white hair but no widow’s peak

He was a far better man than either Grandpa or me

I hope McKinley David is just like my dad,






Putin Escalates—Web headline

Putin escalates

Barack articulates

Francis pontificates

Limbaugh bloviates

Rundle hibernates


Late Winter Blues

Late Winter Blues

Late Winter Blues

Clouds and winds

Loss of friends

One a brother

Can’t get another

Looking at my life

Need someone a friend or wife

Need to forget my hermit thing

Need to see signs of spering


Yet I believe

Yet I believe

Yet I believe


It’s a bad time

It’s a sad time

It’s a mad time

Yet I believe

Why the strain?

Why his pain?

What’s to gain?

Yet I believe

I shed tears

I have fears

Gone his years

Yet I believe

Though over is his race

And soon gone will be his face

In this strange time there is still grace

Yes, I believe